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A response and a question to everybody that responded

A message from Jose Miguel Galan Hello everybody
I just want to thank you for your messages that inspire me to keep writing music and keep myself positive despite everything that is happening with me right now but you are my motivation to keep moving forward and to share with the world more about me.

I would also like to know what you folks around the world are interested in listening to.

I keep my mind focused because that is how I am able to express what I think, feel and do at every moment.

Thank you very much Sahib, Joanne, Kaly, Momo, Kenny, Kate, Anna, Kristy, Bhavik, Alice, Alan, And to everybody that read my songs you are my motivation thank you with all my respect, I thank you all
I hope you like what is coming up
Because this is not the end of it

I see that the song people most like is Warrior of Life (Guerrero de la Vida). Thank you.