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"Hello how are you?
My name is
José Miguel
And my last name is Galán
It’s a pleasure to meet you
Thank you for this opportunity
That you’re giving me
To showcase my talent
My rhymes come to me
But if I don’t practice
they’ll be gone to me"

"I’m from El Salvador
I live in California
I’ve spent half my life
Behind bars"
"I’ll stay positive
Non stop
I love music
But I prefer rap I do my own thing
I do what I have to
To come out on top"

Excerpt from (introduction)
José Miguel Galán Najarro is a rapper and poet. Here, you can explore his writings, music, and works. We also encourage you to respond, comment and create dialogue around his work. José Miguel is currently detained at Adelanto ICE Processing Center in Adelanto, California. All work shown here is received via mail or phone. Community responses are sent in batches to José Miguel, with the next batch scheduled for October 11th.