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(Just a rhyme about healing, surviving and transformation)

Since I was a young kid
I have not been afraid of anything
I have done what I want
I have always liked to party
I don’t know why
I say it even if I don’t want to say it
Because I know I have hurt
People I love
Not because I wanted to
But at this point
Better to get better or to find a way
To heal
To keep on living
And to be in a good position
The truth is that
There are many of us
With a confused mind
Making day by day
The wound bigger that we caused
To those that love us
We should better look for a way out
There is no such thing as perfect
When you are trying to survive
But there is a reason
Like any other winner
We have the right
To keep moving forward
And to look for forgiveness
To think positive
To obtain transformation
And to keep walking straight
To use our experiences
That have their own faults
If being good is what you strive for
You have to look for goodness
It will not be there standing for you
This is nothing new
We have to plan the positive things
So that we find them again
Because to the contrary
Everything will stay ugly
And you won’t move forward
Life’s destiny
Could be death itself
And if death gets here
There is no going back
From rhyme to rhyme
I can tell you more
Healing in forgiveness
Survival in achieving
Transformation in creation
With these three words
I will be a champion
This is only a rhyme
This is not a song