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(Hello my love)
Hello my love
Let me tell you
You’re the greatest thing
That exists for me
In this life
It was a surprise
From the first day I saw you
I even asked myself

Chorus x2 How or why can someone
So beautiful

As long as I have you
Close or in my sight
Touching my lips
You put a smile
On my lips
I’m not surprised
That you did
I must be dreaming
Or living in the moment
It’s a scientific fact
Love and hate
Come looking for me
When they don’t
Come for anyone else
Am I crazy
Or how did I manage
For death not to come for me
Can it be that god exists
Or is it some street miracle
I want money power and respect
Everything is earned in the hood
You gotta know how to live life
Everything has its entrance
But some things
Don’t have an exit
But we’re always ready
Baby I’m cold
Come keep me warm
I can read your gaze
And I know that you want me
I look like a bird
When I’m really a rooster
And for the haters
What good are your weapons
If you don’t have enough
For bullets
What’s the fucking joke
Why are you fucking with me
Everybody gets
What they deserve
Meanwhile me and her
What do you care
If we’re together
Or if we’re friends
I know you felt it

Chorus x2
How or why can someone
So beautiful

If you keep asking
Stupid haters
When will this end
When it’s only beginning
Keep your envy And your damn jealousy I couldn’t give a fuck
About your bragging
So about our love
Don’t even start
I’m the good guy here
Stay hungry
And dream on