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What up loko
Playing the game every day
In the county in the district
In the city in the street
Or in the hood
Keeping it honest
I’m everywhere
In freedom or in prison
Standing tall
Always on the mission
To get money power and respect
For whatever motive
And whatever reason
No mercy for no reason
On the competition
Or we send them to the graveyard
If we can’t sort it with words
We’ll fix it with weapons
It don’t matter
It’s just a soldier
Not the whole damn battalion

Chorus x2 I’m a thug
Dangerous And tough

I’ve suffered
I come from the bottom
I earn or I take
What I can
I don’t give a fuck
About life
I party hard
And I work harder
Women and bitches
I take off their clothes
And then we fuck
You know the motion
From up to down
From inside to out
Like playing capirucho
With your vagina
No rules
Haters shut your mouth
Either your breath or your words
Are attracting flies
Cause they’re just shit
Better fight
Keep surviving
Twenty four seven ready
If a war is on the way
Like a warrior I’ll be training
To become a champion

Chorus x2 I’m a thug
And tough